It seems to be a cultural mania that almost every single individual in America seems to be clamoring that glistening perfect white teeth. Hundreds of teeth whitening products already found their way into the market and into everyone’s home. But some simply can get enough of the teeth whitening obsession. One of the busiest cities in America, New York City, has clinics right and left sprouting like mushrooms to accommodate the market of bleachorexics. Here are the top three teeth whitening experts that you can consult to get that Hollywood smile:

1. Dr. Irwin Smigel – Father of Modern Cosmetic Dentistry

In New York, there is one name in teeth whitening and that is Dr. Irwin Smigel. He is often regarded as the father of aesthetic dentistry because of his innumerable contribution to the industry. He has done countless research in formulating a number of teeth whitening products and also actively pioneered studies on teeth bonding and laminated veneers. A premiere persona in New York City, Dr. Smigel has tons of devout patients from all around the world including celebrities and prominent individuals. Calvin Klein, the famous designer, is one of his loyal patients. Because of his revered involvement in the development of dentistry, the school of dentistry of New York University even named a celebrated award for lifetime accomplishment as the Irwin Smigel Prize.

Supersmile teeth whitening products, one of the top sellers in teeth bleaching, is invented by Dr. Smigel himself. At present, he is an international spokesperson for the said teeth whitening line. In fact Supersmile teeth whitener is the world first product without any unsafe bleaching agents or harsh chemicals that may harm the teeth or gums in the whitening process.

Dr. Smigel contact details:

635 Madison Avenue, near 60th Street, New York City


2. Dr. Mal Braverman – Smile Studio

A radio host of “Smile Studio”, Dr. Mal Braverman is one of the top New York City dentists who transformed hundreds of winning smiles for New York City personalities and models.  His radio program answers listeners’ questions on tooth care and formulate forums on cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening. Dr. Braverman was chosen by Britesmile, another teeth whitening product, to be their spokesman for television. Dr. Braverman is noticeably a media man, he is also doing smile makeover on the Maury Povich Show. He is also been featured in several New York City magazines.

At present he is the co-founder of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, New York chapter. Dr. Braverman’s Smile Studio, which is also the name of his office, doubles as a BriteSmile Center presenting the up-to-date technology in 60-minutes teeth whitening procedure.

Dr. Mal Braverman contact details:

30 Central Park South, Suite 12A

New York City


3. Dr. Lara Rozeberg – Dental Day Spa

The DDS or dental day spa is a ground breaking concept in dentist clinics thought up by Dr. Lara Rozeberg. Her clinic, if you can call it that, is more of a spa where you can stretch your legs and relax in the peaceful ambient of the place.  Going to a dentist should never be a stressful activity. Dr. Rozeberg wants to her customers to feel pampered and cared for in her clinics. Underneath the seemingly subtle atmosphere of her place, DDS has the latest dental techniques on teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental implants and even smile lifting.  The ‘spa’ offers digital cosmetic imaging, radiography and laser cavity detectors. New York City is thankful for this kind of place where you don’t just have perfect white teeth after a session, but you can even have a soothing eyelid compress while listening to cool Jazz on a dental chair.

Dr. Lara Rozeberg contact details:


45 West 54th Street, Suite 1b

New York City

Above are the top three teeth whitening experts in New York. These are exceptional dentist who were given praises for their work and contribution to the world of dentistry. They are hundreds of practitioners all scattered in New York. Just be ready for your well-saved dollars for these teeth whitening experts might charge you a little more than standard fees. But less assured their professional teeth whitening procedures are safe and very effective. You will be getting that set of pearly white teeth you always dreamed of in less the time comparing to over-the-counter teeth whitening products. If by chance you happed to drop by New York, feel free to pay them a visit and inquire on how you can get yourself that perfect white smile.

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