The Best Over The Counter Teeth Whitening Kits

Today’s teeth whitening products are designed in order to serve various purposes and many of these teeth whitening products are meant in order to combat and deal with teeth stains from heavy coffee drinking, smoking, red wine and teeth stains that might have resulted from taking medication. If you would like too many people can benefit from using at home whitening kits and the overall results can be quite dramatic.

Many over the counter teeth whitening products are capable of drawing impressive results over time. Not only are at home whitening kits easy to use, they are usually quite affordable, not to mention very convenient. Depending on the condition of your teeth, you can expect to see your teeth brighter by up to 7-10 shades!

Most at home teeth whitening kits contain different levels of peroxide that is used as the teeth bleaching agent and this is the same peroxide that many professionals use at their clinics in order to whiten people’s teeth; – the only difference is that the peroxide concentration used at professional establishments tends to be significantly higher than the peroxide found in the at home teeth whitening products.

The best at home teeth whitening products are the ones that are safe, meaning that they aren’t abrasive enough and contain harsh chemicals that may damage your teeth enamel and cause damage to your gums.  You can purchase these at home whitening products ranging in price from $7 and up to $50 if you would like.  Another advantage is the product’s availability; you can find these products at your local grocery store and drugstore at a fairly affordable price.

There are some pros and cons of using at home teeth bleaching products and the negative side is that you can damage your teeth if you use the wrong product. At least with professional teeth whitening, the dental professional is able to have a look at your oral health and teeth in order to determine what products to use safely and effectively to whiten your teeth.  A dentist can also determine whether or not your teeth are in good enough shape to tolerate the bleaching chemicals and the dentist can also deter you from whitening your teeth if you happen to have tooth corrosion or weakened enamel.

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