With the sudden surge of over-the-counter teeth whitening products on the market, you need to choose the most effective one for you. With the right teeth whitening product, you are a few brush away form that perfect white teeth that you think only celebrities on magazines and on the big screen can have. But not anymore, even you can achieve that perfect smile. Over-the-counter teeth whitening products make it possible for absolutely anyone to achieve those ideal teeth at a very affordable price and totally risk- free.  Here are seven tips you should know before purchasing teeth whitening products.

1. Consult your dentist

Start by giving your dentist a visit. He or she can advice you whether teeth whitening products would be effective for your certain teeth type. Whiteners cannot, at all time, correct the discoloration of your teeth. Yellowish teeth can be bleached well but grayish teeth probably won’t. Your dentist would also prescribe to you a teeth whitening product which is suitable for you. Carbamide peroxide, which is the active ingredient of all teeth whitening products, has different concentrations. They come in 10%, 16%, and 22% carbamide peroxide. Your dentist would tell you which one to buy depending on your teeth’s needs.

2. Check if you are suitable to go through teeth whitening

Teeth whitening are not for everyone. It’s not recommended for someone under 16 years old and certainly not for pregnant women. Check with your dentist for any teeth sensitivity issues and allergies.  Anyone who has problems with their gums, chipped teeth or has cavities and uncovered roots is discouraged from going through any teeth whitening process.

3. Choose from these teeth whitening products

Teeth whitening gels

Teeth whitening gels are translucent peroxide-based gels applied directly unto the surface of the teeth using a small brush. This is usually done two times a day for two weeks. The effect will be noticeable after a few days and would last for around 4 months. Over the counter gels is priced at about $15 for a two-week treatment.

Teeth whitening strips

Whitening strips are flat, almost invisible strips that are layered with peroxide-based gel. You need to put on the strip to your teeth, twice a day for 30 minutes for about 2 weeks. Whitening strips are usually sold at $10 to $60 for a two-week treatment.

Tray-Based Teeth Whitener

At-home teeth whitening system involves a mouth-shaped tray. This is where the peroxide gel is applied on. The tray is then worn for a few hours or even overnight for 2 weeks or longer, depending on your desired results. Choose a kit that allows you to customize the fit; this is better than standard mouthpiece.

4. Know the product you are buying

When buying teeth whitening products be sure of the quality. You can check the ADA (American Dental Association) seal of acceptance on the label. The ADA has set standard and guidelines to ensure the safety and effectiveness of any teeth whitening product out in the market. To get an ADA seal, the product have to go through some series of high standard clinical tests which are quite expensive. Although getting an ADA seal is optional, you could rely on manufacturer’s dedication for quality and safety if they have an ADA seal in their product.

5. Get the opinion of your friends

Aside from your dentist, you can be more confident in buy tooth whitening products that your friends already tried and recommend to you. Remember, they have first hand experience in using the product. You can ask them if the teeth whitening product you intend on buying is easy to use and check how it has been effective to them.

6. Know when to stop

Some people become obsessive in getting their teeth all white. If you use too much of anything, something wrong is always bound to happen. Don’t overuse teeth whitening products. Overusing them might cause serious damage to your gums and teeth. It is possible that a translucent bluish tint would be seen around the edges of your teeth which are irreversible. Imagine blue teeth. No way! Stop using the product immediately if you already achieved the desired effect on your teeth.

7. Practice proper oral hygiene

To have that perfect smile, you need to have self-discipline. After using any teeth whitening products, it is imperative that you abstain from drinking dark-colored liquids such as coffee, colas and wines. Also refrain from smoking cigarettes. A healthy diet always guarantees strong, white, healthy teeth.

Choose the best teeth whitening product for you, get the help of your dentist and friends. Try to compare products and read related reviews of them if possible. With your willpower and an effective teeth whitening product, you would be beaming with your set of healthy white teeth in no time!

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