Sensitive teeth are a real discomfort. Even if you have the perfect set of pearly white teeth, if you have sensitive teeth, you could never bring out that big bright smile. The sudden ache is caused by the disturbance on the nerve endings of your teeth. You have to abstain from drinking hot or cold liquids, overly sweet or sour food. Even just by the mere entry of cold air in your mouth can trigger pain. That is a complete menace. You’ll never enjoy how everyone else enjoys a sweet cold ice cream during summer.  But worry no more. Thanks to the latest technology on teeth whitening, even sensitive teeth can now get that coveted Hollywood smile.  Here are some quick tips on sensitive teeth whitening.

1. Don’t brush your teeth too hard.

Do away with toothbrush with hard-bristles. This can do serious damage to your teeth’s enamel. Brushing too hard can also cause your gum tissues to heave away from your teeth. When this happens, the protective layer of the roots of your teeth, which is called dentin, is exposed. Because of its exposed portions, the tooth nerves are now sensitive to all kind of stimuli. This is the start of teeth sensitivity. On the course of teeth whitening, it is advisable to use soft bristled toothbrushes all the time.

2. Check the teeth whitening product’s content you would buy

Teeth whitening products often contain peroxide and baking soda. Dentins are quite sensitive to these ingredients. Go over the concentration of both of these chemical and consult your dentist on which products to purchase.

3. Get the right toothpaste

There are toothpastes specially made for sensitive teeth which have effective teeth whitening formula. Use them regularly and you can notice a decrease of teeth sensitivity occurrence. You can also put a thin layer of the toothpaste using cotton over the affected tooth roots. Be sure to use a fluoridated and not tartar control whitening toothpastes.

4. Don’t overuse mouthwash

There is mouthwash in the market that promises to contribute to teeth whitening. There might be an improvement to the color of your teeth, but prolonged use of mouthwash can add on teeth sensitivity. There are a few mouthwash products that contain acidic chemicals that may further expose the protective layer of the teeth’s roots.  You can opt to buy a neutral fluoride solution which would not add aggravate the sensitivity of your teeth.

5. Avoid staining food and drinks

During the teeth whitening procedure, do away with staining foods or drinks. This includes dark-colored liquids like coffees or colas. If you can’t avoid doing so, you can use a straw to sip on the drinks so that they wouldn’t pass through your teeth.

6. Avoid erosive food and drinks

We say erosive when certain food or drinks causes a reaction to your sensitive teeth. Examples of these are smoothies, ice cream and the like. It is advised to rinse your mouth with water with a neutral fluoride mouthwash. Do not brush your teeth immediately; you have to wait a full hour before you can do so.

7. Consult you dentist

As always, it is best to get professional help. Sensitive teeth whitening can be a little tricky. There are so many things to consider during the process. But less assured that your sensitive teeth will not be a hindrance in the teeth whitening procedure given that you consult your dentist first. They can give you sound advice on which teeth whitening products to choose and would recommend further dental procedures if needed.

Don’t fret. Teeth sensitivity has a cure. Not only does it have a remedy for it, but you can also whiten your teeth on the process. Just don’t forget the quick tips above and give your dentist a visit. Before you know, you’re going to devour on that yummy cold dessert, you don’t have to say ‘ouch’ anymore, and you’ll have that perfect white smile to go along with it.

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