How to Safely Whiten Your Teeth At Home

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There are a few methods you can use if you would like to achieve a brighter smile right from your own home.  Although you may find yourself overwhelmed with the many various teeth whitening products out there, you can make a viable choice and find the right product for you just by doing your research and making sure that you find a teeth whitening product that is safe and fitting for your teeth.

If you would like to safely whiten your teeth from home, then you should be aware that even at home teeth whitening products do contain a peroxide chemical that can irritate your gums and even make your teeth more sensitive.  Many of these at home teeth whitening kits and products are made to deal with and remove surface stains on your teeth, if you are dealing with teeth stains that are tough to remove with these home whitening products, then you may want to speak to your doctor about laser teeth whitening to see if it would be a more suitable step to take.

Smoking, drinking coffee, tea and red wine can all lead to staining on your teeth, which can be very difficult to remove later on.  If you would like to maintain a stain free, bright smile, then you should avoid doing these things since it can cause you a lot of grief, not to mention that going back to your habits may lead your teeth to stain even more, – especially if you have just had them whitened either at home or professionally.

If you do drink red wine, coffee or tea, be sure to use a safe whitening toothpaste in order to deal with any stains that may have formed, then avoid regular consumption of anything that may cause your teeth to stain once again.  While using at home whitening products, please remember to avoid any overuse, you should always wait a time period of 18 months to 12 months if you are to whiten your teeth again.

Constantly whitening your teeth every month or every 6 months or so can weaken your teeth structure and destroy your enamel, this can lead to teeth corrosion, more cavities, as well as other additional problems.  Always consult with your dental professional in order to discover what products are right and safe for you to use.

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