A lot of people would run a final check of his or her total look before leaving the house and go give your best wide-teeth smile. Who doesn’t want to have that perfect pearly white teeth? Everybody wants that Hollywood smile with no hint of cigarette or coffee stain, which can be both embarrassing and frustrating. Tooth fairies may not exist any longer in this modern world but there are a number of teeth whitening methods that you can use to give you that Hollywood smile you always dreamed of.

You don’t have to bargain with any tooth fairy to get those pearly white teeth. There are teeth whitening methods out in the market that you can try for yourself.  Teeth stains are basically built up because of accumulated food you eat, liquid stains or cigarette smoke. These unfamiliar materials create a film-like layer on the enamel of your teeth which gives it the unsightly discoloration. Here are four teeth whitening methods you can choose from to get rid of horrid stains right away, risk-free.

1. Religiously brush your teeth

Brushing your teeth is the simplest and least expensive whitening method. Brush your teeth every after meal is a good habit one should keep. The bristle on your toothbrush works the same way as you scrape the stubborn scum on a frying pan.  The aide of whitening toothpaste is intended to help in this process. But if you notice, even if you are brushing half of the day, the white set of teeth you dreamed of is still far from happening. This is because the film-like layer of food residue already settled in your teeth for years, and it’s a great possibility that it already seeped into the enamel of your teeth. The enamel is quite porous, meaning the staining agents can be absorbed by the outer layer of the teeth. This is the time when brushing just won’t be enough.

2. Purchase tooth whiteners

If toothpastes just won’t do the magic, then tooth whiteners get into the picture. Tooth whiteners have the same basic concept of how you bleach your hair. In fact the same chemical agents, carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide are used to break down the stubborn foreign agents in the enamel. Always check on the label before purchasing a product.  You can get one from your local drugstore at around $10 up to $40.

3. Consult your dentist for a tooth whitening treatment

When over the counter tooth whiteners simply don’t work, it’s high time you call in your dentist for help. Your dentist will prescribe a tooth whitener with just the right amount of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide. Usually this prescription would be customized to every individual patient. Before the treatment, the dentist would first clean your teeth and check if the gums are healthy. A tooth whitening treatment would usually takes up to 40 minutes and you’re teeth will be about 4 to 6 shades whiter. Not bad for a $300++ deal.  This teeth whitening method might cost you big time but the results are very noticeable and satisfactory.

4. Get a prescribed at-home tooth whitening method

Most dentists would recommend 10 to 20 % carbamide peroxide gel that includes sodium hydroxide, carbomer, glycerin, and flavoring ingredients. Some would also include sodium fluoride to keep teeth strong and healthy.  To begin the at-home tooth whitening method, the dentist custom made a tray that is molded exactly like the shape of your mouth.  You then put the tooth whitening gel your dentist prescribed onto the tray and wear it for two hours or so a day for two weeks, depending on the advice of your dentist.

Tooth whitening is both effective and safe.  Whitening gels doesn’t do any damage to your enamel. If in case, irritation may occur, lessen the use of the product or consult your dentist immediately. If you use any of these tooth whitening methods coupled with little patience and with the help of your dentist, you’re a few steps away to that coveted Hollywood smile.  It wouldn’t be too long before you can give that wide-teeth smile with those perfect pearly white teeth everyone dreams of.

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