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Honolulu Top Hawaii Dentists

Hawaii Cosmetic Dentists 2010 Dr. Keri L. Do Manoa Dental Care 2855 East Manoa Road, Suite 1-105 Honolulu, HI 96822-1823 808-988-6919 Ala Moana Dentistry Keiko Watanabe, DDS 1441 Kapiolani Boulevard Honolulu, HI 96814 Phone: 808.955.1441 Dr. Cedric Takeo Lewis Waialae Dental Care 4211 Waialae Avenue, Suite 111 Honolulu, HI 96816-5318 808-732-4377 Dr. Cecile D. Sebastian […]

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What to Expect When Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist in Hawaii

Image via Wikipedia It seems unnecessary to explain the importance of choosing the right Hawaii cosmetic dentist to perform your cosmetic dental surgery. However, it cannot be stressed enough the damage that can be done to your teeth and face if you do not choose a cosmetic surgeon who is both professional and experienced. If […]

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How to Choose the Right Hawaii Cosmetic Dentist

Image by Afton Village via Flickr The world of cosmetic dentistry is constantly evolving. Where braces and retainers were once the radical new way to shape and perfect your teeth, new advances in cosmetic dentistry have made them a thing of the past. Now you can trade in your misaligned molars and tarnished teeth for […]

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Understanding Gum Diseases

Image via Wikipedia Gum-related diseases are one of the most common complaints faced by dentists across the world. It is generally believed that gums are very vulnerable to infection if proper oral hygiene is not maintained. One of earliest signs of a developing gum disease is the presence of thin, film-like covering that is present […]

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