Knowing Several Natural Herbal Toothache Remedies

A majority of people are unaware that various herbs can help to relieve troublesome toothache pain. Herbs that can be found plentifully in nature such as tarragon, cloves, calendula and yarrow may be applied to manage the pain prior seeking professional dental assistance. Historically, different cultures used various types of herbs to manage toothache pain and feel momentary relief.

As an example, Native Americans, took the inside bark of the butternut tree and applied it to their affected gums to manage toothache pains. Naturally, the butternut tree grows in North America where it can be found plentifully. It is also the distant cousin to the black walnut tree which grows in North American as well. Butternut trees can be found abundantly along river beds around fine drained soil, thick woods and also around back yards. A mature butternut tree can be as high as sixty feet, having a light grey colored bark, along with fruits and leaves similar to a black walnut tree. For centuries the inner bark of the butternut tree may be used to decrease toothache pain.

Another natural herb is yarrow which may be located in Europe, North America and Asia. Yarrow usually grows naturally in fields, open wood lands and meadows. Specifically the root of the yarrow has a natural anesthetic effect. By applying fresh yarrow root to the affected gums or tooth, it can temporary alleviate the toothache pain but it is important to consult a dentist afterwards for medical management.

Growing naturally and natively in tropical areas, makes the herb clove an evergreen plant. In these times though, cloves can be seen all over the world. The part of the clove which contains the active medical agent is the dried flower bud. Oil extracted from clove can help immediately alleviate the pain of toothaches. Many feel that, compared to several different natural toothache remedies, they feel that cloves work the most optimal.

Throughout centuries and with various cultures, natural herbs where applied as remedies to alleviate toothache pain. This is understandable since hundreds of years ago people relied on natural remedies to manage various complaints and diseases including toothache pain. During the era when dentists started to practice, their equipment and tools were not as sophisticated as today. Dentists already performed tooth extractions at these times but this procedure is usually done with alcohol consumption. Alcohol was used so the patient will not feel any pain during tooth extraction which was normally done with pliers.

It has been proven throughout history that natural herbs have been quite useful for easing toothache pain. You can consult your dentist if you are quite interested in using natural herbs or would like more information about them. Several dentists are quite familiar with natural herbs and they may be able to advise you on a few natural remedies if you would like to try them. In the future if you are experiencing a toothache, keep in mind that natural herbs are a good remedy to alleviate the pain.

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