Will your teeth straighten?

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Braces are still, mostly, of metal, but there are also clear or colored. There are even devices which are fixed behind your teeth so you do not notice. Wires used in braces today are much smaller and more efficient than those used in the past. Depending on age and severity of the problem, fixed or mobile devices. Generally, fixed braces are recommended for adults who have already formed a jaw.

How braces work?

Turning your braces to teeth by applying a steady pressure on teeth and by keeping them in one position for long periods. If, however, teeth are more “rebellious”, then, should be made additional equipment. Do not panic! Such equipment shall be worn only at night, or night, when you sit at home.

Duration of orthodontic treatment is generally about two years. After removing the braces must be careful that their teeth do not “resume old habits.” Your doctor might suggest to you to wear a retainer, which is a small piece of plastic wire or a piece of thin plastic, with a mouth form. This fixture will be created to fit new straighten teeth. Only the orthodontist will tell you how long you wear this device.

Braces require a new diet? No need for a special diet, but when wearing a fixed braces, you must be more careful / to certain foods. Stay away from popcorn, chewgum, caramels (usually sweets that melt). Sugar should be generally avoided. But if you really know to drink a soda or eat a cake, then make sure you brush after.

Other foods to avoid:
* Fruit in large quantity;
* Toast;
* Lemons.

Specialist orthodontist will advise you to use floss more often than usual and other additional means of oral hygiene (brush, oral showers) and be very careful. When you present yourself to the doctor to change device, you’d better clean your teeth with floss.

Since devices put pressure on the teeth, occasionally it is possible to hurt, especially after the doctor has made an adjustment to braces. In this case, make sure you’re asking a painkiller.

If you wear a wireless device, it is forbidden to wear it to classes or when you do sports at school. However, your doctor will indicate the orthodontist to wear it only at night or while sitting at home for 16 hours a day. The device can be cleaned with soap and water using a toothbrush.

Are braces painful? For several days after it was fixed and started wearing it effectively, you might feel a little discomfort or pain. When fixed appliances, is expected to feel pain or discomfort whenever your device will be adjusted by a specialist.

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