Teeth Cavities Prevention Made Simple

Teeth cavities are caused when the bacteria in mouth reacts with the food remnants that are left in the mouth after we have food and remain in our mouth clogged between the teeth. Usually, this food can be high processed food or desserts. Therefore a person should make it a point to eat healthy food like fruits vegetables in abundance and also floss or brush the teeth after every meal to stop the growth of bacteria in the mouth that cause cavities.

A good healthy set of teeth and healthy gums makes your personality shines like stars and makes your smile bright and sparkling and smile plays a great role in shaping your personality. Also, a person who takes care of oral hygiene for appearance tends to have a good oral hygiene with and can avoid tooth problems like decay, cavities etc.

There are plentiful tips to follow in order to obtain a proper, clean set of teeth and gums. By following these prevention techniques a person can also attain satisfactory oral hygiene.  They are as follows.


1. The key to a healthy and a clean tooth is brushing and flossing regularly. Not everyone can afford to visit a dentist every month for teeth cleansing and whitening, polishing. Therefore if a person maintains good dental oral hygiene throughout, he is able to prevent the cause of cavities as soon as it starts. Brushing and flossing teeth helps to remove the bacteria present in the mouth and flossing helps to remove accumulated food particles in the mouth.

2. Using the correct toothbrush is also very important and counts a lot. An individual should buy a new toothbrush every 3 months. The brush should have a small head so it can reach in every corner of the mouth and the bristles should be soft and should not hurt the gums and cause bleeding.

3. Choice of tooth paste should also be taken in to consideration. There are many types of toothpaste in market these days and ingredients should also be checked before picking one. There are some toothpastes containing fluoride and are anti-tartar and this enables them to remove tartar that build up slowly and gradually.

4. Plaque should be checked also by chewing disclosing colored tablets and see if any color is left in the teeth. This shows whether your teeth has plaque or not.


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