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If you get used to eating more fruit and fresh sites, sweets, wine and carbonated beverages should know the high risk of acid erosion, say dentists. Learn a few tricks to protect from acid substances!

Acid erosion is caused by acidic substances in many foods and drinks such as fruit, fruit juices, carbonated drinks or wine. The condition is manifested by tooth enamel and its gradual deterioration. Over time, due to the action of acidic substances, tooth surface becomes softer and thinner, which makes it vulnerable even at a simple brushing, teeth can get a certain transparency. Thus, some signs that you should put the thought that teeth are affected by acids: their transparency, a discoloration, cracks and iregular edges, and tooth sensitivity.

If your dental say that you have healthy teeth, should know that this is not enough and must continue to care for teeth, protecting it from influence wherever possible of acidic substances. All dental diseases are influenced by poor oral hygiene, so the first step you need to have in mind is to respect the three tips offered by us.

Ritual in 3 steps for proper oral hygiene

1. Gingival-dental brushing daily, morning and evening before bed is required. Also must change the toothbrush every 3-4 months;
2. Flossing at least once a day or after every meal;
3. Rinse with mouthwash twice daily, morning and evening after one brushing. Rinse mouth for 30 seconds with mouthwash and not eat anything (even water) in the next half hour to allow the solution to kill bacteria.

Of the 400 different species of bacteria we have in the mouth, only 25% are destroyed by proper tooth brushing, dentists warn. It is therefore essential to respect all three phases and make sure good oral hygiene.

Pay attention to citrus juices! After a study under a microscope to analyze the effect that it has citrus juice on teeth, researchers from the Institute for Oral Health in New York found that citrus juices cause acid erosion stronger than initially thought. They found that orange juice can dissolve the enamel, as is more powerful than hydrogen peroxide, a substance found in bleached teeth products.

How to protect your teeth from acid erosion?

1. Drink should not come into contact with teeth every five minutes because beverages increases the risk of erosion gradually acid;
2. A straw can help you with the ability to reduce the harmful effects of acid on teeth
3. Sugarless gum can help you on time, stimulating production of saliva which neutralizes acid in the mouth;
4. Aerated water is more than welcome because it reduces acids;
5. Reduce consumption of sweets and sweetened drinks as some of the bacteria in the mouth turn sugar into acid and acid affects tooth enamel.

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