Sensitive Teeth – How to Deal?

People having sensitive teeth are more prone to pain and bleeding. The causes of sensitive teeth are many; teeth can become sensitive if there is a worn toot enamel or by having too much of acidic beverages like soft drinks, and also by having acidic food. Some people are in a habit of brushing their teeth rather vigorously and grinding their teeth which can also make the teeth sensitive. Also, touching the teeth with the tip of the tongue frequently might also cause the teeth to become sensitive.

Sensitive teeth may cause needless pain and discomfort any time of the day. The pain can be stimulated if a person either has too much hot or cold food. Sometimes applying pressure on teeth may also cause pain and this may last for a couple of hours or might take the whole day to leave.

Dentin hypersensitivity is the clinical term used to refer to sensitive teeth. It becomes important to consult to the dentist is the pain is recurring and takes time to diminish. Sometimes people who care less about their dental hygiene have more chances of acquiring this ailment.

Fortunately, this problem now can be dealt with proper care and treatment and a time comes when this problem soon gets disappeared. Following are some ways in which the problem can be dealt wit. They are as follows.


1. The foremost thing to adopt is to maintain good oral hygiene, take proper care of the teeth and gums, and to properly brush and floss the teeth everyday.

2. A person should also use a toothbrush having soft bristles rather than a hard one and should prolong brushing and do it softly and not vigorously. This is very healthy for the gums as well. Sometimes people who brush hard may cause their gum tissue to be removed which in turn makes the gums bleed. Proper care is must.

3. Always use toothpaste that is sensitive in nature and not too strong. There are plentiful toothpastes available that can be used for sensitive teeth. It is also preferable to use medicated toothpaste. The toothpaste can also be recommended by your dentist

4. For people who have sensitive teeth, they should take care of their eating habits and avoid as much acidic food as they can.

5. Use a mouth guard while sleeping if you are in a habit of clenching your teeth.

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