Is teeth whitening recommended?

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Bleaching is not recommended – or has much less chance of success – in the following situations:

1. Age  – teeth whitening is not recommended for children under 16 years since the tooth pulp grow to this age. Teeth whitening up to the age could cause irritation or sensitization of its flesh. also, teeth whitening is not recommended to either pregnant or breastfeeding.

2. Sensitive teeth and allergies – People with sensitive teeth or gums, or dental problems should avoid using whitenong solutions until they get the green light from the dentist.

3. Gum disease, eroded enamel, cavities and gum exhibited – All those suffering from diseases listed above are generally discouraged. Cavities are not treated by teeth whitening.

4. Crowns, veneers and restorations (fillings) existing – Any whitening procedure should be done before repairing teeth, ask the dentist before, to find out what strategy you should apply.

5. Unrealistic – People who expect their teeth after the treatment to be a white “flash” results could be disappointed. Smokers should be advised in particular – in their case, teeth whitening will be limited, especially if you do not stop smoking during or after teeth whitening treatment is completed.

6. Blackened teeth – Basically, yellow teeth respond best to treatment, then those with a brownish color, and further, the degree of effectiveness of treatment decreases with gray teeth or purple, is sometimes impossible to clean. Blue-gray hue caused by tetracycline is more difficult to remove, sometimes even six months is required with treatment performed at home (or a few sessions at the dental office) for an acceptable teeth whitening. Teeth that have dark spots may respond better to different treatments, which is better to discuss with your doctor dentist to choose the best option – in an informed manner.

Risks associated with teeth whitening: The most common adverse effects are tooth sensitivity and increase the appearance of small gum irritation, first being seen in the early stages of treatment. Both unpleasant effects usually resolve after 1-3 days of stopping treatment or its completion. If you use teeth whitening products at your home, always consult your dentist, because he can give you some good advices.

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