How to Floss Your Teeth If You Wear Braces

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If you happen to wear braces but are tired of having your teeth stained and dealing with plaque don’t be too quick to give up.  You can effectively floss your teeth even while wearing braces, as a matter of fact you can use the floss by folding it in half as in a bracket and then proceed on to flossing as you normally would without the braces, just make sure that the floss is braced between the bracket and your tooth.

There are many flossing tools that you can use in order to further assist you and help you to take better care of your teeth it is up to you on what you choose to use.  The floss you find at your local drug store is effective enough for you to use even if you wear braces. If you happen to wear braces, then you should remember that you may need to floss more often than a person who doesn’t wear braces, you may also need to visit your dentist more often if you wear braces in order to help control your plaque.

The misconceptions some people have about braces are that they believe that flossing is impossible if you happen to wear braces.  As a matter of fact, flossing is possible and recommended for those people who wear braces, during this time especially while you have your braces on, you will find that you will have food particles trapped in your braces, in your band as well as your wire, this can increase your risk of developing a cavity especially if you are eating foods high in sugar (carbohydrates).

Be prepared to spend more time flossing and brushing your teeth if you happen to wear braces, its essential that you avoid developing any plaque, gum disease and cavities and this can be prevented by paying proper attention to your oral hygiene.

Use the following steps when flossing with braces:

  1. Always use waxed floss, it won’t shred like the un-waxed floss.
  2. Use more floss (about 18 inches)
  3. Thread the floss carefully and make sure to use it properly underneath your brace’s main wire
  4. Do not just move the floss up and down, rather side to side on each tooth
  5. Make sure that you floss, and then brush your teeth, not the other way around!
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