Getting Rid of Inflamed Gums – The Easy Way 

An inflamed gum is a problem of many people these days and they have to go through a lot of pain and irritation because of this problem. Dental problems are mostly because of the poor oral hygiene, lack of dental care and not duly visiting the dentist for a check up- every six months.

A person who has inflamed gums feel swelling on his gums, extreme hot and cold sensations and the gums also feel tender when touched. The swelling and pain can increase if the condition goes worst and the gum can also bulge out and make you feel that there is something sticking out although it is just the gums. The gums are basically pink in color but inflamed color may look like red as they also frequently bleed when brushed vigorously or while eating.

As the technology has advanced, many treatments have been invented and introduced by the dental care people and dentists. Following are some ways through which we can get rid of inflamed gums.


1. The most important thing to do for inflamed gums is to keep your teeth clean and to maintain a good dental hygiene. Hands should also be kept clean all day and since inflamed gums are infectious, therefore one should avoid physical contact with the patient.

2. The teeth should be brushed softly as vigorous brushing may cause the gums to bleed and may cause the inflammation to become worse and swelling to increase. Therefore, a soft bristled brush should be bought and replaced with the hard bristled one. The brush should also have a round, short head so it can reach the desired corners.

3. Ascorbic acids should be consumed in abundance and is an excellent source of healing inflamed gums. This acid heals the gums and recovers the gum tissue that has been lost. Ascorbic acid can be richly found in fruits like grapefruit, mango, orange and these fruits also prevent a gum disease known as scurvy.

4. Smoking , coffee and tobacco should be avoided.

5. The dentures or dental appliances should be properly fitted. Also the dentures should be kept properly cleaned and maintained.

6. Some medications may also react negatively and can cause inflamed gums. Therefore it should be consulted with your doctor and stopped.

7. Increase in blood pressure may also cause the gums to bleed and swell.


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