Dental care during pregnancy

Below you will find some useful tips to keep your teeth  healthy before, while and after pregnancy.

Before pregnancy – Visit your dentist before becoming pregnant (if you decide the time of pregnancy). In this way, your teeth will be cleaned by a professional, your gums will be examined carefully and any oral health problem can be dealt with before you get pregnant.

During pregnancy

– Tell your dentist you’re pregnant. As a precautionary measure, dental treatments can be avoided (if possible) during the first quarter and second half of the third quarter. Are critical moments because of fetal growth and development and recommended that the future mother will not be subjected to procedures that may “influence” in any way the fetus. Common procedures can be performed safely during the second quarter. Indicated non-urgent procedures;

– Inform your dentist on medication and dosage pills you take (including vitamins and medicines prescribed by your doctor) and the indications given by the doctor. This information is important and, according to them, your dentist may tell you treatment. Certain medicines such as tetracycline, can affect your child’s dental development and should be avoided during pregnancy;

– Avoid exposure to X-rays during pregnancy. X-rays if needed (urgent), your dentist will be cautious and will protect both you and your baby. Technology has evolved and, today, X-rays are much safer than before;

– Not “look” of regular visits to the dentist just because you’re pregnant. Now dental checks are very important because pregnancy cause hormonal changes that increase the risk of periodontal disease and sensitive gums that bleed easily (condition called “pregnancy gingivitis). Be careful of any changes that your gums are suffering. If they become more sensitive, swollen or bleed easily, contact your dentist as soon as possible;

– Do not forget the dental care program and you will be able to prevent or reduce oral health problems;

– If the morning sickness stops you clean your teeth, change the toothpaste with a pleasant taste. Ask your dentist to recommend you some toothpaste;

– Avoid sugar-rich snacks. Sweet craving is very common during pregnancy. But remember that these snacks lead to increased chances of tooth decay, so do not abuse it. Some studies have demonstrated that bacteria responsible for decay of baby teeth can be inherited. So pay attention to what you eat.

After birth – If, during pregnancy, have suffered from gum disease, go to the dentist for a thorough inspection and assessment of periodontal health.

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